IV Therapy

Wellness M.D. serves as an IV Therapy resource for our patients. Our physicians and other licensed medical professionals dedicate ourselves to patient health and wellness above all else. For this reason, our standards and technique concerning IV Therapy go far beyond those from other care providers.

Our medical team will review the entirety of your medical history, perform a comprehensive exam, and assess your current condition before recommending and cultivating a treatment plan that suits your unique, individual needs.

The medical specialists from Wellness M.D. will always determine what service, if any, is optimal and appropriate for your health and wellness while maximizing vitality enhancement. Additionally, a licensed medical professional is always available to address any questions or concerns during consultation and treatment, ensuring any disclosed information remains protected and confidential.

For many of our patients, they enter our practice after receiving big promises from multiple supplements, superfoods, diets, and exercise regimens. Unfortunately, many times the final results fall short of their expectations.

Supplements, as well as these other provisions often serve as a stop-gap or incomplete measures. In order to truly transform your health, IV Therapy quickly penetrates your cells. In a single treatment session, Wellness M.D. delivers the vital nutrients you need directly into your bloodstream.

IV Therapy results may include:

  • Boosting energy
  • Minimizing the negative effects of aging
  • Enhancing the immune system
  • Cleansing the body
  • Reducing body weight
  • Overcoming hangover effects

Wellness M.D. takes pride in our safe, relaxing, and effective treatment. Relax in a comfortable and welcoming environment and allow our specialists to revitalize and rejuvenate your body. Many patients experience results almost immediately after treatment.

As the health and wellness industry continues to evolve, you deserve a procedure that resides on the cutting edge of treatment. Our IV Therapy can offer you rapid improvement in cellular health, further allowing you to enjoy a comfortable and healthy life that you deserve.


Do you feel tired? Are you convalescing after surgery or viral infection?

Do You want to feel better? Do you want to give your body a natural and healthy treatment?

We offer our patients INTRAVENOUS COCKTAILS to prevent and treat chronic diseases. To detoxify your body of toxins, excess of medications, alcohol, cigarettes and the oxidative stress that is generated by exercise and by the physical and emotional stress that affect your health.


  • Antioxidant
  • Myers cocktail
  • Metabolism Boost/weight loss
  • Hangover cocktail
  • Libido Boost
  • Anti-aging formulation
  • Performance boost
  • Immune function boost
  • Glutathione with Vitamin C
  • Procaine Boost



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