DermaDivine Aesthetic Services


DermaDivine Aesthetic Services Cosmetic Botox injections to decrease the appearance of facial lines, relax upper lip, reduce gummy smile, and treat hyperhydrosis. Chemical peels to help decrease fine lines, improve acne, treat sun damaged skin, and diminish the appearance of scars. Dermal fillers to enhance cheeks, fill depressions [...]

IV Therapy


IV Therapy Wellness M.D. serves as an IV Therapy resource for our patients. Our physicians and other licensed medical professionals dedicate ourselves to patient health and wellness above all else. For this reason, our standards and technique concerning IV Therapy go far beyond those from other care providers. [...]

Cosmetic Services


Cosmetic Services We help our patients feel better about themselves. The goal of our team at Wellness M.D. concerning medical cosmetic treatments is offering patients high-quality, compassionate care in a warm and welcoming environment. Our Miami office can offer you all of your cosmetic needs. However, it is [...]

Family Practice


Family Practice Our team at Wellness M.D. offers patients comprehensive medical treatment as well as health and wellness management, which includes physician access for every member of their families. We are here to address your family’s health needs and concerns while providing compassionate and family-centered care regardless of [...]

Gynecological Examinations


Gynecological Examinations Female patients possess unique and important healthcare needs. Regardless if you are preparing for a baby, in need of a checkup, or addressing a particular healthcare concern, Wellness M.D. women’s health specialists can provide sensitive, professional services. Our gynecological examinations can help keep you healthy while [...]

Small Medical Procedures


Small Medical Procedures The friendly and caring Wellness M.D. staff ensure that your short-term, minor medical procedures go as smooth as possible. We prepare patients for procedures that may range from abscess and hematoma draining, to cyst or mole removal. Regardless of the magnitude of the procedure, we [...]

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